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A year ago, Fifa executed a fresh out of the box new set-piece-taking framework – their most inside and out yet – enabling you to additionally control precision, control and even your own customized run-up.

Sounds extraordinary on paper. Tragically, it was broadly panned by gamers, with many trusting and supplicating the “old” framework will return.

Following quite a while of devoted playing, many still haven’t exactly made sense of how to routinely twist it like Beckham into the best containers or power home the ideal spot-kick.

Indeed, even once you’ve “aced” it and built up a deadly strategy, even the most minor of jerks or slips can bring about the most ugly looking exertion at any point seen. Regardless of whether Fifa are thinking about a change after only one version, which would stamp a noteworthy backtrack, stays to be seen…

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The Journey

In FIFA 17, The Journey was introduced with a new solo campaign mode on PS4, Xbox One and Windows10. This mode will continue in this opus. If the player has finished the original story, he will start FIFA 18 in the same club – with titles and honors, such as a Premier League title or FA Cup victory. As for those who start from the beginning, they will see a montage with the key points of the plot, then they will be able to choose from all the Premier League clubs.

In this year’s edition, Alex Hunter, 17-year-old Clapham’s main character in London, is fully customizable. It will also be possible to change the appearance of Hunter through the inclusion of dozens of T-shirts, sweatshirts, hairstyles and tattoos.

While FIFA 17 blocked Hunter in the Premier League, EA announced that this time, players will discover France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil and the United States among the new playable sites. In the trailer, Hunter is shown with a Real Madrid jersey on a television, in the background. The trailer focuses on the fact that Hunter will be able to join a new club before the second season, suggesting that a “world record” is possible. Ronaldo is also featured in the update to The Journey.

EA announced a greater variety in transfers as well as an open world. There will also be a series of “crucial decisions” that will affect the fate of Hunter and his teammates. The story mode is divided into chapters and each of them will have specific goals to achieve. In addition, it has been revealed that it will be possible to choose new

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FIFA 18 is a video game developed by EA Canada and published by EA Sports, scheduled for September 29, 2017 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. The Portuguese international Cristiano Ronaldo appears on the jacket of the game. In this new opus, the Legends cards are renamed in Icons cards17. Available only for Xbox One before, they will now be available on PS4 and PC. These cards will feature many iconic players in football history, which players can use in Ultimate Team.

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