Eimear Noone, the Irish who puts music to your favorite video games

We interviewed the Irish composer and director, author of the World of Warcraft soundtrack, at the Tenerife International Film Music Festival
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In an industry, the video game, mainly dominated by men, the Irish Eimear Noone has clear ideas. The situation of women in the electronic entertainment world “definitely has to change”, says this respected composer and conductor, one of the most important figures in music for video games and responsible, among many other works, part of the soundtrack of the successful World Of Warcraft . He is also known for being part of the groundbreaking Videogames Live show , and for directing many of the concerts on the Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses tour .Noone is this week in Santa Cruz de Tenerife as a guest of FIMUCITÉ, Tenerife’s International Film Music Festival, which in its 11th edition focuses its extensive program on the genre of “sword and witchcraft”, which include such films iconic as Conan the Barbarian , Willow or The Lord of the Beasts . The artist will be in charge of directing one of the most important concerts of the contest this Friday at 20.00 in the iconic Auditorio de Tenerife.But Noone’s concern about the role of women extends beyond video games. As an orchestra director – her main job – she hopes her job “is no longer a rarity” for women and, in that sense, is optimistic, since she believes that society is “getting closer” to reach that goal “thanks to the work of festivals like FIMUCITÉ”, that are betting in that direction.In fact, Noone has contributed his bit in this regard, since she herself instructed the actress Lola Kirke for the acclaimed Mozart In The Jungle television series – Amazon’s original and co-starring Gael García Bernal – where one oboist ends up conducting an important symphony orchestra. As far as she knows, “this has been the first time a female fictional character has ever taken the podium of an orchestra in a movie or television series,” and is proud to have contributed to it.In a world of menNevertheless, the artist qualifies to feel “lucky”, since she has always been “treated with respect like director in many great projects”, although she is “painfully conscious” that in the equipment in which works, where usually the singing voice “between 10 and 12 people,” she is “normally one of perhaps two women in any kind of position of authority . ” But it also clarifies that it is “a very complex situation that needs to be analyzed and addressed by those who have more socio-scientific information” than she.PHOTO: NICOLA NK CASAGRANDERecently, the Irish Examiner newspaper highlighted Noone as the most important Irish woman in the video game industry , something that creates “mixed feelings” in the director, in her own words. On the one hand, it seems to him “flattering that people are taking note of the work” that he performs, since he is only trying to “do his best in creating music”, without waiting for “no one really realizes it, but it’s good when they do. ” However, she does not understand, there being “so many talented women in the industry”, why they choose her.In relation to that thought, Noone recalls the time when “an orchestra conductor, thinking he was being flattering”, told her that she was “by far the best woman they had ever had as a director”, to which Noone asks: ” How should one react to that statement? “, ie, “what if they said: you are by far the best Chinese, African or Hispanic you have had?”, for example.’Blizzard’ and the ‘Warcraft’ seriesNoone has also composed music for films such as The Donner Party (2009) – starring Crispin Glover – a work he considers “essentially similar” to creating melodies for video games. According to her, there are hardly any differences, and she thinks that video game music is “an extension of the long history of music , like the compositions that have been created for the opera, the ballet or the church.”In this sense, it indicates that “composing music for the cinematic scenes of the games, where the action stops and the story advances through an interlude, is exactly the same as making music for a short film.” However, it does recognize that “videogame music itself can be more dynamic” than in film “because it fluctuates” depending on how the game unfolds. That song “is not subject to the constraints of the linear history of a movie, do not worry about following the dialogues,” in the words of Noone, who believes that “that is one of the joys of composing for video games.”Her entry into the video game industry, as she points out, was produced by “a number of strange influences,” since she had never set herself up as a target. She describes herself as “a 100% classical training artist” whose passion is “focused on the orchestra” and who, at the end of college, found herself “orchestrating much of the music of the first World game of Warcraft . “PHOTO: NICOLA NK CASAGRANDENoone recalls that, when he was in the recording studio, when he saw “for the first time cinematic and artistic designs that accompanied the melodies, magic came ” and was “hooked” to music for video games, after an experience that ” literally, “he” opened his eyes. “When it came time to compose music for the Warcraft series , he found hardly any difficulties. He points out that he was “part of the music team for many years” and knew the video game and the company Blizzard perfectly, since it had directed “most of the important scores of the study since Starcraft 2 “. ” World of Warcraft’s artistic designs and playable development are so evocative, it’s easy to find music in them, ” he says, satisfied.In command of the orchestraIn addition to directing the concert this Friday, Noone will teach a masterclass in the framework of FIMUCITÉ focused on his specialty, the direction of orchestra in recording music for video games . For the artist, “management is a language”, and what she will do during the seminar will be to explain “how this language works, in which the director communicates with the orchestra using all the parts of his being, such as breathing, hands, eyes or facial gestures. “” It’s all part of the syntax, “he says.In this line, he says that “directing is really a universal language” . Maybe that’s why he feels just as comfortable “in China, Dublin or Tenerife.As expected, Noone loves playing video games, but finds it “rather difficult” to find the time he wants, juggling a very demanding musical career and a four-year-old son . Even so, find time to “get away” and play with your child to Minecraft . “He’s not ready for WOW yet, ” he said.The experience in Videogames Live “was” fantastic “for her, along with Tommy Tallarico – the main promoter of the project – which he describes as” a classic rock and roll star . “” If Mahler composed today, he would use fog machines and lights. ” Thanks to this show, Noone has had the privilege of directing the most important melodies in the history of video games.The next “big adventure” will be for the artist at the Dublin PlayersXpo (October 28-19) , before their local audience and where they will be syntonies of classic sagas as popular as Metroid , Zelda or Final Fantasy . He will return to Tenerife to do the same program in November. The Video Games Live tour will return in early 2019, with concerts all over Europe.As much as he loves to perform, Noone also seeks more and more “excuses” to stay “at home” and rewrite . “There are some animated musicals” that she and her husband want “to finish writing, as well as some ideas for new CDs”. All you need is “a little time”.

Amazon workers want to delay delivery of “Fifa 18”

mployees from three Amazon dispatch centers are going to strike from Thursday to prevent the delivery of the new “Fifa” game. “Fifa 18” will be released on Friday 29 September. Amazon guarantees its customers an extradition the same day , the striking employees want to prevent , as the union ver.di communicated.

What do the employees demand?

“Fifa 18” defense becomes more difficult, because the player is more sensitive to the direction of change.
Electronic Arts has filed on the grand piano. The flanks can now be placed better in the penalty area.
Quick exchange: In the second half, suggestions for an exchange are shown. If you agree, you only have to press two buttons for a change – and do not call up the menu.
Whoever shoots a goal, can now celebrate his goal with the fans in the audience.
A lot of attention to detail: sweaters, tattoos and hairstyles are presented at âFifa 18â extremely detailed. The developers have mainly taken into account popular players.
Duel der Giganten: At âFifa 18â, stars like Lionel Messi are imitated in the smallest detail.

According to data from ver.di, the Amazon campers in Rheinberg and Werne are still striking until Saturday evening . The goal of the employees: They want to be paid in the same way as retail employees. Amazon will not accept the corresponding collective agreement. According to ver.di, the employees are, among other things, responsible for this

around 50 cents more per hour,
more holiday and Christmas money,
Night supplement.
Employees are struggling for fair rules in their workplace. A tariff agreement is a set of rules for the working world. Without a good set of rules, no football game and no good work
Silke Zimmer, Regional Area Manager for Retail at Verdi in NRW
When will the game be delivered?

The union ver.di hopes that delays will occur. ver.di employees Tim Schmidt said to bento: “It is important to us that our action has an impact.” Just the day before the delivery, it is usually stressful in the shipping warehouses. An Amazon spokesman said bento, however, that the guaranteed delivery date adhered could be.

In the slideshow you can see what awaits you at Fifa 18:

Playback warning: 7.32 Turalyon and Vinyl and other dialogue

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Play through the warning: the article contains part of the Legion of the finale of the spoilers
PTR7.3 version of all new models Atlas Atlas summary

The protracted war finally ended …
The side of my heart never expected to be alive until the day of arrival. We went through countless battles and lost too much.
Now let us return to his hometown of Azeroth, this piece of land I have not set foot on the millennium.
My old life has become the past, it is time to build a new life, and began to understand my son – he symbolizes my life struggle for everything.
PTR7.3 version of all new models Atlas Atlas summary
My heart is all excited to return to Azeroth with my son and husband. How do I want to see the trees of my hometown again?
Wendesa told me everything that happened to Sylvanas, and although I was scared to meet with her, I had to see her now.
Is she still my sister? Or has it been a monster abandoned by Light?
But … I have also experienced some physical changes. I can now control the power may cause some people to question my loyalty.
I have to keep calm, focus, there are too many things that need to be thoughtfully …
Playback warning: 7.32 Turalyon and Vinyl and other dialogue
I have dreamed of returning to Argus in countless nights, dreaming of this tortured land, dreaming of saving it alone.
“Vernon silence for a long time”
Although salvation did not happen, but we did win.
I can not say what will happen next, but I will not wait for the illusion to guide me, I will do my best to help Amway King, and make sure he is prepared for the faintness of the darkness.
Playback warning: 7.32 Turalyon and Vinyl and other dialogue
Aurelia became different, and she began to use the power I could not fully understand. But I know that her heart is still my beloved sister.
The news of Sylvanas is very heavy for her. Some things need to be solved … Face to face
The windbreaker sisters must meet on the side, and only that place is the right meeting place.

I found them, I finally found my parents!
<Aradore ‘s smile out of some hesitation
Gave my life two people … but missed my first half. I know they fight for my safety and know how they sacrificed for it, but …
We can not become a happy and happy family, they almost do not know me, and I only know their past legend. There is too much need for mutual understanding between us, too much need to heal the scars. (Click bankofwow.com to buy cheap wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

But at least we will accompany each other to spend the process.

Vidikar people NPC
The battle with the Legion is long and exhausting. We crossed the whole world, across the twisted void finally won the victory.
I am some tired, warriors. But we can not take it lightly.
The last phantom of Magna’s show is creepy. Only the only one Titan, the Warriors, we must defend her.
How are you still here?
It’s over and going home.
Go on.
When we drive Vidikar to start the battle, it may not have been tested, but it safely brought us home.
The upgrade to the ship is very value, is not it?
Do not answer, your answer may give me pouring cold water.
The work of a ship engineer is always underestimated!

When the Archbishop himself ordered meLight big batsWhen I came to Azeroth, I was reluctant to leave him. I think there will be someone more suited to this task than me.
In spite of this, I now understand his intentions, and he wants me to see what he and Isaiah have struggled with.
Our war may have ended, but there are still countless fights waiting for us in front, because the corps does not mean that all the devil in this world will be surrendered.
Lotharson clenched his fist and smiled
At least not for the time being.

New radio drama
Playback warning: 7.32 Turalyon and Vinyl and other dialogue
Original Address: [ http://www.wowhead.com/news=272367/the-story-of-alleria-and-turalyon-a-thousand-years-of-war-new-audio-drama ]
On the Turalyon and Aurelia story of the radio drama – the Millennium Battle , the official English version is now on the line, audio files and PDF can be found in the above link, the Chinese version should also soon have.
In this radio show, we will see how Alleria is discovering the affinity between her and the void, how she escapes from Niskar, and why Zelah has imprisoned her.
The story is divided into three parts, I only outline the beginning.
Two Light : When Draco was destroyed, Turalyon and Aurelia were trapped in a twisted void and chased by an assassin of Kil’jaeden. They fled through the Light Portal and twisted the void, and met the Lord of Light Lotharic, who explained the power of Zelah and the Light Army …
Jade Star : Turalyon accepted the blessing of Zelah, this ceremony and the Illidan experienced much like, but Turalyon wholeheartedly accepted the gift of Zelah … …
Light and shadow : light and shadow in the Aurelia and Turalyon who replaced – they were forced on the impasse – Aurelia and the double line of the captain was captured by the army; Turalyon launched an unsuccessful operation of Agus Surprise … (Click bankofwow.com to buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

NFL Week 3 plan, picks, Fantasy, TV, gushing: Road top picks galore

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NFL Week 3 plan, picks, Fantasy, TV, gushing: Road top picks galore

All that you have to know for Week 3 of the 2017 NFL season is here

It’s Week 3 in the NFL, and the topic of the week is street top picks. As of the kickoff of Thursday’s matchup between the Rams and 49ers, nine of the 15 home groups this week were underdogs as indicated by the accord wagering line. Every one of the three primetime amusements this week will support the street group, completing with Monday night’s matchup between the Cowboys and Cardinals in Arizona.

This week, Sean Wagner-McGough took a gander at Carson Wentz’s most recent test against the Giants protection; Jared Dubin inspected whether the Chiefs could keep being a major play offense; and Heath Cummings offered 10 things to think about Week 3 from a Fantasy point of view.

It is safe to say that you are prepared for Week 3? Here you can discover all your Fantasy needs while setting your lineups, information on the Week 3 plan, how to stream the Sunday slate on CBS All Access, picks from our specialists and SportsLine’s PC reproductions and key news refreshes that will influence Week 3 diversions.

Delve in and appreciate.



Rams 41, 49ers 39 (Takeaways)

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Ravens at Jaguars, 9:30 a.m. ET on Yahoo! (GameTracker)

Horses at Bills, 1 p.m. ET on CBS (GameTracker)

Texans at Patriots, 1 p.m. ET on CBS (GameTracker)

Steelers at Bears, 1 p.m. ET on CBS (GameTracker)

Dolphins at Jets, 1p.m. ET on CBS (GameTracker)

Tans at Colts, 1 p.m. ET on CBS (GameTracker)

Hawks at Lions, 1 p.m. ET on FOX (GameTracker)

Holy people at Panthers, 1 p.m. ET on FOX (GameTracker)

Mammoths at Eagles, 1 p.m. ET on FOX (GameTracker)

Pirates at Vikings, 1 p.m. ET on FOX (GameTracker)

Seahawks at Titans, 4:05 p.m. ET on FOX (GameTracker)

Bengals at Packers, 4:25 p.m. ET on CBS (GameTracker)

Boss at Chargers, 4:25 p.m. ET on CBS (GameTracker)

Bandits at Redskins, 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC (GameTracker)


Cowhands at Cardinals, 8:30 p.m. ET on ESPN (GameTracker)

The most effective method to watch on TV, stream


Spilling: fuboTV (Try for nothing)


Podcast: Prisco, Brinson and Kostos make Week 3 picks (subscribe)

Prisco: Cardinals stop Cowboys and consistently 3 amusement

Brinson: Bills irritate Broncos and consistently 3 amusement

Breech: Titans shock Seahawks and consistently 3 amusement

SportsLine: Get PC and master picks for the whole season


Begin Them and Sit Them: Why you gotta begin Cam Newton

Lineup cheat sheet: Get help choosing your starters

Waiver Wire: Carson drives the must-include gathering

Gushing: Best Week 3 spilling choices for TE, K, DF

Exchange Chart: Dave Richard encourages you examine exchange offers

Key Week 3 refreshes

Bengals TE Eifert ‘open to question’ for Sunday

Arians uncovers plan for beating Cowboys

Detail demonstrates Belichick is inconvenience for Watson

Monsters mentor guarantees ‘exceptional changes’
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FIFA 18: the best players, item by item

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One of the game modes of the FIFA football video game that most fans added to the passage of time is the Ultimate Team . Since the 2010 edition, gamers can have the pleasure of building a squad so that Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, for example, make up a dream front.

Nintendo switch, gameusd.com

See also
FIFA 18: collect in a clip the crazy mistakes of the demo
In Ultimate Team each player is determined by a general score based on various aspects of their game, such as pace, shooting, pass, dribble, defense and resistance. These characteristics will be key in choosing the right interpreters to make a great team.

In this case, the video game FIFA 18 will come with some modifications in the statistical values ​​of the figures of the game if we take into account the 2017 edition. Therefore we set a selection, item by item, so that you are prepared for when you reach the consoles and PC.

The fastest
FIFA 18: the best players, item by item
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. the fastest of FIFA 18.

In total there are twenty footballers that make up the list of sprinters, all of them with 93 rhythm points. Among those who “fly” on the field of play is the figure of Borussia Dortmund, the Gabon Aubameyang, and the French Biabiany with an impressive 96 pace. Behind them, in third place, is the Spaniard Bellerín del Arsenal.

Likewise, the list has great names like Gareth Bale, Iñaki Williams or Jordi Alba to name a few of the Spanish League. There are also the English Premier League figures, such as Sterling, Mane or Martins, which are infallible to use in the backlash.

The most skilled (Click gameusd.com to buy cheap fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA 18: the best players, item by item
Neymar, top 3 among the forwards of FIFA 18.

In this category we will find the greatest exponents of the gambeta of the next EA Sports title. Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar or Cuadrado, as well as the new Gelson Martins or Yarmolenko, both with very interesting statistics, are the ones that make the biggest difference in the one against one.

The best defenders
FIFA 18: the best players, item by item
The captain of Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos, is the defender with more appreciation of FIFA 18.

To be able to become players in Ultimate Team mode it is necessary to win coins. This will depend on your skill in winning games, as well as how you avoid losing them. That’s where the defenders become a key piece in the team scaffolding.

The list consists of 19 players , most central defenders, who will be in charge of protecting your goalkeeper. Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) is the best exponent of FIFA 18. He is followed by Italians Giorgio Chiellini (89), Leonardo Bonucci (88), Thiago Silva (88), Uruguayan Diego Godín (88) and the Germans Mats Hummels (88) and Jérôme Boateng (88).

The best, point by point

FIFA 18: the best players, item by item
Lionel Messi, the second best player of FIFA 18.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) 93
Lionel Messi (Barcelona) 93
Neymar (PSG) 92
Luis Suárez (Barcelona) 92
Lewandowski (Bayer Munich) 92
Gonzalo Higuaín (Juventus) 90

FIFA 18: the best players, item by item
Eden Hazard, Chelsea figure and the best FIFA 18 midfielder.

Hazard (Chelsea) 90
Kroos (Real Madrid) 90
Modric (Real Madrid) 89
Dybala (Juventus) 88
Iniesta (Barcelona) 87

FIFA 18: the best players, item by item
Manuel Neuer, of Bayern Munich, the best among the archers.

Neuer (Bayern Munich) 92.
De Gea (Manchester United) 90
Buffon (Juventus) 89
Courtois (Chelsea) 89
Hugo Lloris (Tottenham) 88 (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

NBA 2K18 MyGM Review: Why isn’t Porkify a real app?

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With the release of NBA2K18, I took the Phoenix Suns for a spin in the upgraded MyGM mode to see what is new from Visual Concepts.


The biggest addition to MyGM is a narrative that is similar to the stories that played out in the MyPlayer/MyCareer modes of past games. The MyGM narrative only lasts for one year but is certainly interesting and can increase or decrease your enjoyment of the mode depending on how you feel about it.

The gameplay additions were the best part in my opinion, as NBA 2K18 got closer to being a perfect simulation of being an actual general manager.

The Narrative

The story opens with your avatar blowing out his entire knee during the 2011 Western Conference Finals towards the end of a game. In that game you dropped 36 points – the point total is brought up several times in the storyline.

Fast-forward six years and you have been hired as your chosen team’s General Manager and have early conversations with the eccentric app creating owner, your star player (Devin Booker), and Head Coach. (welcome to gameusd.com NBA 2K18 MT Coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)


VALLEY OF THE SUNS 1 DVideo Games Predict the Suns 2017-2018 Season
1 d – Phoenix Suns: 5 goals for Devin Booker in 2017-18
1 d – Phoenix Suns: One bold prediction about the small forward position
2d – What happens if Alex Len does not sign his QO
2d – Phoenix Suns: Dragan Bender struggles to stand out in FIBA
2d – NBA: Ranking the teams in the Pacific Division for 2017-18
More News at Valley of the Suns

The narrative is cut scene heavy, features a lot of conversations and awkward situations throughout the season. You are put in situations to make comments on a variety of rumors and have to deal with more than one awkward, storyline twist. The choices you make drastically affect how the season plays out.

Personally, I was generally more reserved and didn’t want to shake things up. However, in the first press conference you had the option to trash not only the coach, but also the current direction of the team. This could lead to you wanting to clean house and the coach making more than one weird speech in your office.


The narrative at least featured the owner selling the team three weeks in after losing all his money on apps like Porkify. The app gives you a notification anytime a barbecue restaurant is close-by. The new owner is bombastic and hard to deal with, demanding his son be named Assistant GM, then he goes behind your back and does it even if you say no. He then raises ticket prices dramatically as he faces his own financial issues and attempts to move the team to Seattle.

The new owner’s son was the definition of annoying as he bad mouthed Devin Booker on Twitter and then he pulled a trade deadline deal shipping away Dragan Bender without telling you. Even if you fire him; which I tried on more than one occasion, the owner just leaves him in place. At the end of the season, the original owner bought back the team and promoted me to President of Basketball Operations, so I guess I navigated the story well.

The cut scenes and conflicts were up and down for me. The scenes all featured the same weird circular hand motions from all characters involved, which could be improved or at least varied. The dialogue is cliche heavy and laden with weird phrases. There were also odd comments that made me laugh initially, but got old as the mode progressed. All I just wanted to do was manage a basketball team.

In the end, the story does liven up the GM mode a bit, but I thought it took the focus off the managing of the team and often made it impossible to build the way I wanted. The multiple owners insisted on multiple trades and made the trades behind my back if I refused. Also, the conflict with the owner’s son lead to Devin Booker’s morale to drop below 10 and almost caused a revolt of the team. (Click gameusd.comto buy NBA 2K 18 MT ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Legion Adventure Exploration Achieve Violent Infusion Simple Completion Method Sharing

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7.3 The new corps re-exploration of the achievements of a “violence infusion”, today occasionally found and research completed, for reference only.

in particular:
In the Antalan waste soil 63.1,25.2 of the training dog master Lacs (that is, drop the mounts) that there is a circular platform on the ground, will be here as a starting point to brush out a huge tornado, in the tornado Permanent damage DEBUFF and in 1 to 3 seconds by lightning to get another 30 seconds DEBUFF (see the figure, it is unclear whether there are other areas will refresh the tornado), to complete this achievement requires you in this 30 seconds hit Kill 10 strange (no test to kill opposing camp players are also included).

Method is not difficult, in the training dog master entrance and next to the pollution trails there are many profanity hound, every 2 a group, a total of 6 groups, and the door and pollution trails midfielder have a dog to chase a combination of a kid, total 16 monsters, refresh the tornado movement slowly, you have plenty of time to gather strange (hound 414W blood, kid 200W blood), and then pulled into the tornado lightning strikes DEBUFF, this time do not have to stay in the tornado hard to Diaoxie, pulled out Can kill, it is recommended to open the achievement tracking. (Click bankofwow.com to buy cheap wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

PS: the tornado will move around the big circle slowly to the face of the dog master hole on the right side of the bridge after the end of the bridge disappeared, but the refresh law is unknown, I met from 4 pm to 1 am 3 times, did not Dunshou, should not Refresh the whole point, initiate

WoW: Qiraji Guardian and Oceanographer – Last call for the summer success!

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In World of Warcraft is there nothing more to do? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! You only have a few more days to catch the coveted pet named Qiraji Guardian and fish a few summer fish for the success Oceanographer.

It is only a few days until the official summer end, on 22nd or 23rd of September World of Warcraft officially starts autumn. All the time, to do the last summer successes! These include, for example, the coveted summer pet Qiraji Guardian and the lively summer perch , which can only be caught in the small time window (between spring and autumn).

The Qiraji guardian is strolling north of the ruins of Ahn’Qiraj.
The Qiraji guardian is strolling north of the ruins of Ahn’Qiraj.
Source: buffed
You can
theQiraji Guardian in the southern Silithus, we have marked the area in which the pet likes to romp for you on the map.
The special thing about the guardian is that he (actually it is a she) starts on a high level and has solid combat ability.
Pet experts swear by his blackout kick!

All abilities of the Qiraji Guardian
Crushing (Level 1)
Falcon Eye (Level 2)
Bounty Strike (Level 4)
Whirlwind (Level 10)
Sandstorm (Level 15)
Blackout Kick (Level 20)
You’ll find the largest summer bass swarms along the coast of Deserted Lands.
You’ll find the largest summer bass swarms along the coast of Deserted Lands.
Source: buffed You
also need the pet for success -on safari in Kalimdor.
So come on!
The Qiraji Guardian soon disappears and does not reappear until the 21st of June next year.

Even the summer perch disappears in a few days from the coastal waters of the levels 40-55 areas. You have the greatest chances of success in the devastated lands. Summer fish are only available between 20 March and 22 September – and they are the prerequisite for success – oceanographer .

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Widespread Deceptive Practices May Reduce Payouts in N.F.L. Concussion Settlement

Lawyers for professional football players who reached a landmark settlement with the N.F.L. over concussions said Tuesday that hundreds of their clients may have been swindled by unscrupulous lenders and advisers looking for a cut of their payments.

In a hearing in federal court here, Christopher Seeger, a lawyer for the retired players who sued the N.F.L., said nearly 1,000 ex-players had signed dubious contracts with lenders and lawyers. Nearly a dozen lenders have lent money at interest rates of 50 percent or more to players who will pay them back with money they receive from the estimated $1 billion settlement, which provides up to $5 million to players with dementia, Parkinson’s disease and other serious neurological conditions.

In the last few months, players have also signed contracts with law firms and so-called claims service providers that promise to help players file settlement claims in return for 10 or 15 percent of any cash awards. Some of these firms work with the lenders as well as brokers, who receive fees for referring players.

“We don’t want to watch these awards be cannibalized,” Seeger told Judge Anita B. Brody of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, who is overseeing the settlement. Judge Brody had called the hearing in response to news reports, including those in The New York Times, of what she called “purportedly deceptive or misleading solicitations” of former players.

Such practices have sowed confusion among retired players. Some of them are in dire financial straits and have borrowed money at rates well above legal maximums. Other players have signed contracts with lawyers and advisers to help them fill out paperwork they could file on their own.

Continue reading the main story

After N.F.L. Concussion Settlement, Feeding Frenzy of Lawyers and Lenders JULY 16, 2017

N.F.L. Concussion Payouts Have Lenders Circling MAY 9, 2016

N.F.L. Concussion Settlement Payments Can Begin After Supreme Court Defers DEC. 12, 2016

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The federal Consumer Finance Protection Bureau and the New York attorney general, Eric T. Schneiderman, have sued a New Jersey-based financial company, RD Legal Funding L.L.C., accusing it of deceiving retired N.F.L. players and “luring them into costly advances on settlement payouts with lies about the terms of the deals.”

In July, Brody gave Seeger permission to compel the lenders and law firms to turn over information about how they sought to sign up players. In all, Seeger pursued documents and information from 36 people or companies, though some firms did not cooperate.

Seeger and his assistant, TerriAnne Benedetto, detailed a litany of questionable practices, including charging players thousands of dollars in fees for loans with 50 percent interest rates; lenders paying fees to brokers for referrals; and former players being paid fees to convince those who qualify for the settlement to sign agreements with lawyers and lenders, some of whom promised to introduce the ex-players to doctors who could help them get larger amounts in the settlement.

Benedetto provided several examples, including a player who received $10,000 from a lender but will have to pay back $17,310 from his settlement payout in one year. Another received $312,000 from a lender but will have to pay back $568,000 once he receives his settlement.

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Benedetto also mentioned Joe Pisarcik, a former quarterback for the Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles who once led the N.F.L. Alumni Association and had access to a database of retired players. Pisarcik received $200,000 from two law firms that wanted to use his name to help sign up former players.

She said Pisarcik was also offered bonuses of up to $75,000 for every 25 players with diagnoses covered under the settlement that he referred to the law firms.

Benedetto said that Pisarcik provided emails that showed that he tried to stop the lawyers from sending a deliberately misleading pitch letter with his name on it to former players. The law firms represented 92 former players before they retained Pisarcik, then signed up an additional 241 clients after he became a consultant to the firms.

Benedetto said that some lenders had refused requests for documents.

To date, 1,200 claims from former players or their representatives have been filed, out of about 20,000 players who are eligible to file claims.

More than $130 million in claims have been approved so far, mostly for players who had previously received a diagnosis for a condition covered by the settlement. Some of that money has not been dispersed yet, though, because the settlement administrator must deduct money to repay Medicare and legal fees. Some awards have also been audited because of potential red flags, including doctors thought to have written incorrect diagnoses for players.

Seeger told the judge he was worried, though, that the administration of the settlement could get bogged down if the lenders or lawyers ask the claims administrator to be paid before players receive their awards.

Seeger said that he may ask the judge to pursue criminal claims against lawyers and advisers who filed false claims or asked doctors to write improper diagnoses for players.

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NBA 2K18 is finally here, launching on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, with a PC version coming in the near future. Series veterans will be well versed in the game’s many different reward systems, which gift the game’s currency in Virtual Currency, or MyTeam cards. This currency — “VC” — can then be used to purchase in-game upgrades and aesthetics.

You can earn these rewards by simply playing the game as much as possible, purchasing the dreaded microtransaction, or by entering a free code, or a “Locker Code”.

Locker Codes can either be widely available and accessible for a limited time, or available in limited quantities for a select few. There’s a constant stream throughout the game’s 12-month period before the next release, however, so you’re likely to get your hands on a whole bunch at one point or another.

What separates Locker Codes from other rewards available in the game is that they can only be granted outside the game, and then inputted as a code into the game. They essentially act as a cheat code.