The Clash royale especially challenged the use of the rocket

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The Clash royale especially challenged the use of the rocket
The rocket is the highest damage spell ! The tournament in the 7 rocket has 1232 points range of damage and 493 points on the tower of the damage, you can spike the vast majority of small and medium-sized units. When the other units gathered together when the rocket down, you will see each other’s crying expression.

The rocket challenge is used in the election card mode, so the choice of card is also very important. Xiao Bian I recommend to take the rocket, because this model of the balloon and the butcher this rocket more afraid of the card, and the rocket high beheaded can also play a role in the crucial moment. Well, do not say the following see the actual combat solution!

At the beginning of our rocket to make a great merit! We are at the bottom of the royal giant , and the enemy thought with ice balloon throwing a thief hand stealing a wave of birds. We waited for a fee to eat a rocket directly. We have a rocket 6 fee for each other 2 +2 +5 is 9 fee attack. Earned 3 fee, while the defense tower only suffered damage from the balloon death. While the other side to defend our full of blood of the royal giant.

The other side with a yellow house to prevent our royal giant is more earn, we use the drug solution to the house with the consumption of the tower’s blood. After the other side of the two half-blood yellow hair approach, we keep the ice elves a bit. This wave down the cost of both sides basically flat.

The other side of the bridge is not anxious to attack a hammer would like to attack. We have a pickup to deal with. Pica solution of the siege hammer, the other side under the archers to defend the small pickup.

After the other front giants, because our cards compare the card hand. Only the pickup can be against the giant, but just defensive siege hammer when used out. So we can only use the flying ax butcher with a small skeleton also pick each other’s giant, but the opposite with a small electrolytic of our small skeleton. The other side of the giant in our defense tower crazy output. We can not only under the royal giant change home, then the other is no cost under the yellow house.

The other side can only use the spear hand to solve the royal giant and then use the siege hammer to attract flying ax damage, our royal giant also opened a lot of guns The two sides of the tower of blood and almost the same, then we use a small pickup to block the damage of yellow hair, keep the butcher. But later by the other side of the ice people with the archers.

This time into the double holy water time, history repeats itself. We settled in the hands of the day there is no cost of the dog, the other side with the use of bridgehead balloon with Goblin throw spear hand again by our side of the danger of rocket defense. Our rocket only left his balloon, because we have only the butcher and ice elves on the empty unit, so it is still a little better with the rocket. But the other balloon death damage or fried to our defense tower.

This time has entered the seconds, and the other only a small flash beheaded. We desperately defensive, the other side under a variety of units crazy attack. At this time the rocket and then make great efforts, the other 536 of the blood by our rocket plus poison to take away. We win, and our key card is the rocket. Every time in the crisis is perfect to show his role, if we do not choose the rocket is estimated to lose.

Rockets are indeed the strongest spell, in this duel to the performance of the rocket performance most vividly. First 2 times the crisis to ease the balloon attack, and then finally with this high beheaded victory! The victory of the game is the KEY card victory!
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