FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (17)

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Guide: This demo section only tells the story of the beginning of the season to the beginning of the story (ie “Chapter 1: player career” content).

“The Adventures of the Journey”: Alex Hunter’s grandfather Jim is England’s football legend. But Alex’s father, Harold, was a high-title player, perhaps at the pressure of Jim’s mountain, Harold became so angry that his attitude was very bad, and that Harold chose to divorce from his mother, Cathrine , And set up a new family in the United States.

With the support of Mother Cathrine and Grandpa Jim, Alex successfully entered the youth team and played on behalf of the England Youth.

After becoming a professional player, Alex’s first attempt to win the team’s fierce competition and the old friend Gareth contradictions intensified. Fortunately, with the help of mother, grandfather, agent Michael and new friend Danny, Alex came out of the woods and became England’s well-known football star.

At the same time, Harold, who has now become a major league scout, looks to Alex for another, and Harold wants to fix his relationship with his son, but Harold has abandoned him, which completely gives Alex to Harold.

Plot: (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Alex this vacation with Danny came to Rio, Alex hope to be here to experience the local street football atmosphere. Here is Billy (Bailey), Long Hadden (Ronaldinho), Roberts Callez (Carlos), Nima (Nei Maer) in this street began to learn to play football.

They met a group of children in a small stadium, and the children knew that Alex was far away in the West (but did not know Danny, which made Danny feel a sense of loss), and the kids invited Alex and Danny to a game. Named Renan players, the two sides immediately to carry out a street football match.

step1. Originally thought XBOX360 / PS3 era of “FIFA street football” to be inserted into the “FIFA18” inside, it is not true, that is, 3V3 open small game.

From the “FIFA16” began to have this small game of training, but the training is generally a key (pass) as a shot, and the street race is a normal B key to fight the door.

Do not look this is a small field, in fact, the number of 3V3 or less, in real life, this site we are accustomed to 5V5, so a lot of space, defensive work will be handed over to Danny a person, goalkeeper by a child.

This game is equivalent to a training session, winning or losing the problem is not big.

Plot: Danny found that the Brazilians are all proficient in football genius, this little friendly are so he suffered enough.

Then, the two to hurry back to the hotel, because tomorrow morning, they will take the flight back to England, with the team convergence. And Alex was too late to be back on the game.

step2. After the song is finished, the player will enter the player career interface.

First of all you have to understand the objectives of this period, the current Alex team is about to participate in the pre-season tour.

A total of three goals, respectively, in the training session to get a score of 8.0 +, in the pre-season tour to get at least 10 foot shot, won the pre-season tournament.

Here is more difficult to reach the last one, as long as you can hit the final, more than 10 feet shot is inevitable, and the game score is that you have to score in the training, assists, you can guarantee that each game score in 8 the above.

Plot: The US Tour is about to start, the team will face some strong opponents in the International Cup. Leaders do not want someone to perfunctory, in order to have a new season can have shopping opportunities, assistant coach Butler asked each player to produce a satisfactory answer.

Assistant coach Butler will comment on Alex basic football (familiar FIFA players can skip this short basic teaching).

Step3. New season first training competition, get 8.0 score can be.

Scoring standard is very simple, came the ball, successfully intercepted, + 1 points; goal, +20 points (total score has more than 80 points, +5 points);

Any mistakes, the team lost the ball, -1 points; lead to conceded, -5 points.

Plot: Alex in the team there are two good friends, that is, Toro and Li-Li, the two learned that Alex is about to accept Rio Ferdinand (Rio Ferdinand) interview, to take to catch the Alex The But the joke is a joke, Toro warns Alex not to be distracted, this team is not the most important individual, but the collective. But Li-Li did not agree, his words, to the next story buried foreshadowed. (Click to buy fifa mobile fifa points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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