FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (17)

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Try to play Raiders

Guide: This demo section only tells the story of the beginning of the season to the beginning of the story (ie “Chapter 1: player career” content).

“The Adventures of the Journey”: Alex Hunter’s grandfather Jim is England’s football legend. But Alex’s father, Harold, was a high-title player, perhaps at the pressure of Jim’s mountain, Harold became so angry that his attitude was very bad, and that Harold chose to divorce from his mother, Cathrine , And set up a new family in the United States.

With the support of Mother Cathrine and Grandpa Jim, Alex successfully entered the youth team and played on behalf of the England Youth.

After becoming a professional player, Alex’s first attempt to win the team’s fierce competition and the old friend Gareth contradictions intensified. Fortunately, with the help of mother, grandfather, agent Michael and new friend Danny, Alex came out of the woods and became England’s well-known football star.

At the same time, Harold, who has now become a major league scout, looks to Alex for another, and Harold wants to fix his relationship with his son, but Harold has abandoned him, which completely gives Alex to Harold.

Plot: (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Alex this vacation with Danny came to Rio, Alex hope to be here to experience the local street football atmosphere. Here is Billy (Bailey), Long Hadden (Ronaldinho), Roberts Callez (Carlos), Nima (Nei Maer) in this street began to learn to play football.

They met a group of children in a small stadium, and the children knew that Alex was far away in the West (but did not know Danny, which made Danny feel a sense of loss), and the kids invited Alex and Danny to a game. Named Renan players, the two sides immediately to carry out a street football match.

step1. Originally thought XBOX360 / PS3 era of “FIFA street football” to be inserted into the “FIFA18” inside, it is not true, that is, 3V3 open small game.

From the “FIFA16” began to have this small game of training, but the training is generally a key (pass) as a shot, and the street race is a normal B key to fight the door.

Do not look this is a small field, in fact, the number of 3V3 or less, in real life, this site we are accustomed to 5V5, so a lot of space, defensive work will be handed over to Danny a person, goalkeeper by a child.

This game is equivalent to a training session, winning or losing the problem is not big.

Plot: Danny found that the Brazilians are all proficient in football genius, this little friendly are so he suffered enough.

Then, the two to hurry back to the hotel, because tomorrow morning, they will take the flight back to England, with the team convergence. And Alex was too late to be back on the game.

step2. After the song is finished, the player will enter the player career interface.

First of all you have to understand the objectives of this period, the current Alex team is about to participate in the pre-season tour.

A total of three goals, respectively, in the training session to get a score of 8.0 +, in the pre-season tour to get at least 10 foot shot, won the pre-season tournament.

Here is more difficult to reach the last one, as long as you can hit the final, more than 10 feet shot is inevitable, and the game score is that you have to score in the training, assists, you can guarantee that each game score in 8 the above.

Plot: The US Tour is about to start, the team will face some strong opponents in the International Cup. Leaders do not want someone to perfunctory, in order to have a new season can have shopping opportunities, assistant coach Butler asked each player to produce a satisfactory answer.

Assistant coach Butler will comment on Alex basic football (familiar FIFA players can skip this short basic teaching).

Step3. New season first training competition, get 8.0 score can be.

Scoring standard is very simple, came the ball, successfully intercepted, + 1 points; goal, +20 points (total score has more than 80 points, +5 points);

Any mistakes, the team lost the ball, -1 points; lead to conceded, -5 points.

Plot: Alex in the team there are two good friends, that is, Toro and Li-Li, the two learned that Alex is about to accept Rio Ferdinand (Rio Ferdinand) interview, to take to catch the Alex The But the joke is a joke, Toro warns Alex not to be distracted, this team is not the most important individual, but the collective. But Li-Li did not agree, his words, to the next story buried foreshadowed. (Click to buy fifa mobile fifa points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (3)

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Game control instructions table


① According to XBOX version of the operation keys corresponding to the PC version of the operation keys to get PC version of the technical instructions.

② “FIFA18” than the previous generation of a number of new operating skills, new operations, this article will be in front of the operation with “※” Note (the number of new, please pay attention to the reader).

Simple attack

A key: short pass / header short pass

X key: long pass / pass the ball / long pass header

Y key: straight plug ball

B key: shot / sideways lying shot (volley shot) / hammer door

LB key: fancy dribbling (jogging tape)

LB key + B key: lob shot (pick the ball shot)

RB key + B key: banana ball shot

B key + A key + a direction: false shot spike

X key + A key + a direction: false spike

※ RB key + Y key: accurate pass through the ball

Advanced attack

LT key: emergency stop ball (dribbling process)

LB key + Y key: pick the ball straight plug pass

RB key + X key: low-pass through the long pass (feel the effect of a straight button with Y key)

X key click 2 times: low cut (pass in the ball)

X key click 3 times: the ground cut (pass in the ball)

LB key + X key: early pass (with uncertainty)

RB key click on a scared and then hold down: fake action pass

LT key + RT button (press at the same time): forced to cancel the shot, passing and other actions

※ RB key + A key: the forefoot roll pass (the modified way of passing, the former generation of skills pass)

LT click and then press and hold + B key: vigorously volley

Move post moves

Left Joystick: Player moves

RT key + right joystick + direction: the first time the ball / big feet pushed away from the football dribbling

Right joystick: skill post moves (switch players)

LB key + no direction: emergency stop turned

RT key + no direction: stop the ball

RT key + a direction: to speed up the run

LT key + a direction: ball / slow disk ball / false action

LT key + RT button (press at the same time): sudden horizontal ball (to avoid the front grab the players)


Cross key ↑ + cross key ↑: offside trap

Cross key ↑ + cross key ↓: the team as a whole oppression

Cross key ↑ + cross key ←: wings fly together

Cross key ↑ + cross key →: the central guard came forward to participate in the attack

※ cross key ↓ + cross key ↑: keep the assault

※ cross key ↓ + cross key ↓: high pressure defense

※ cross key ↓ + cross key →: long pass tactics

※ cross key ← + cross key →: change the psychological quality


LB key: toggle player

Right joystick + a direction: manually switch the specified direction of the player

B key: intercept / pull the jersey (in the chase process)

X key: slippers to intercept

B key: big feet siege

LT button hold: start arms player horizontal movement to intercept the ball ahead of the line

A key to hold: oppression

RB key to hold down: the team as a whole oppression

LT key + RT button (hold together): run the arms to open the other side of the line

B key to hold: pull (chase process)

※ X key: fast up (after the use of slippers)

※ LT key + left joystick dribble players: efforts to defend opponents


B key or X key: big kick open the door

A key: throwing ball / short pass

Y key: put down the ball in the hands

Y key 2 times: stay on the goal line

RB key: pick up football

back key: replace the player for the goalkeeper

※ RB key + A key: help run throw

※ RB key + X key: positive kick back

Positioning ball – free kick

A key: ground pass

X key: high pass / pass the ball

B key: arc shot

LB key + B key: short shot / dive

Y key: wall jump (when defensive)

A key: man wall changes

LT key or RT key: Wall move / add kicker

RB key: move the wall (fine-tuning)

※ Left rocker: Adjust the start position / Run the arc when applying

※ B key: apply shot force

※ Right Joystick: aim / move the lens

RT key: select free throwers

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Positioning ball – advanced free kick

LT key: call the second free throw player

LT key + B key: second free throw player kick the ball

LT key + A key: second free throw player kicked the ground pass

LT key + X key: the second free throw player at the high altitude pass

LT key + B key + A key: the second free throw player fake cross the ball

RB key: call the third free throw player

RB key + B key: third free throws the main line arc ball

RB key + B key + A key: the third free throw player fake cross the ball

Positioning Ball – Corner & Boundary

X key: corner kick – long distance pass the ball

X key 2 times: Corner – Low pass the ball

X Key 3 times: Corner – Ground pass the ball

A key: corner kick – ground pass

A key: close throwing ball

Y key: manual short throw

X key: long distance throwing ball

Right joystick + a direction: move the ball (throwing the ball)

※ left rocker: aiming to play / along the line action

LB key: change player / mobile ball player

※ LT key: ask the player short pass

※ X key + A key or A key + X key: false ball

Positioning the ball – twelve yards

B key: shot

RB key + B key: skill shot

LB key + B key: spoon penalty

Right joystick + direction: goalkeeper smash the ball

Left joystick + direction: goalkeeper left / right move / free thrower angle selection

※ Left rocker: Adjust the start position / Run the arc when applying

※ B key: apply shot force

※ Right Joystick: aim / move the lens

Right joystick + direction: goalkeeper flying save

Left joystick + direction: the goalkeeper left and right to move

Soccer journey – no ball attack

A key: call pass / call pass

Y key: indicating teammates pass

B key: recommended teammates shot

Professional player model goalkeeper – no ball attack

A key: call teammates pass or recommend teammates pass each other

Y key: recommended teammates Zhise each other

X key: recommended teammates pass each other

B key: recommended teammates shot

back key: change the viewing angle

Professional player model goalkeeper – defensive gantry

Right joystick + a direction: smash the ball

A key + a direction: smash the ball

LB key Hold: Auto position

LT key + left joystick: slow and face the ball

Y key to hold: Charge / double hammer hit the ball

X key: shovel scoop

B key: preemptive person to catch the ball

RB key hold down: second defensive player double team

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The Clash royale especially challenged the use of the rocket

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The Clash royale especially challenged the use of the rocket
The rocket is the highest damage spell ! The tournament in the 7 rocket has 1232 points range of damage and 493 points on the tower of the damage, you can spike the vast majority of small and medium-sized units. When the other units gathered together when the rocket down, you will see each other’s crying expression.

The rocket challenge is used in the election card mode, so the choice of card is also very important. Xiao Bian I recommend to take the rocket, because this model of the balloon and the butcher this rocket more afraid of the card, and the rocket high beheaded can also play a role in the crucial moment. Well, do not say the following see the actual combat solution!

At the beginning of our rocket to make a great merit! We are at the bottom of the royal giant , and the enemy thought with ice balloon throwing a thief hand stealing a wave of birds. We waited for a fee to eat a rocket directly. We have a rocket 6 fee for each other 2 +2 +5 is 9 fee attack. Earned 3 fee, while the defense tower only suffered damage from the balloon death. While the other side to defend our full of blood of the royal giant.

The other side with a yellow house to prevent our royal giant is more earn, we use the drug solution to the house with the consumption of the tower’s blood. After the other side of the two half-blood yellow hair approach, we keep the ice elves a bit. This wave down the cost of both sides basically flat.

The other side of the bridge is not anxious to attack a hammer would like to attack. We have a pickup to deal with. Pica solution of the siege hammer, the other side under the archers to defend the small pickup.

After the other front giants, because our cards compare the card hand. Only the pickup can be against the giant, but just defensive siege hammer when used out. So we can only use the flying ax butcher with a small skeleton also pick each other’s giant, but the opposite with a small electrolytic of our small skeleton. The other side of the giant in our defense tower crazy output. We can not only under the royal giant change home, then the other is no cost under the yellow house.

The other side can only use the spear hand to solve the royal giant and then use the siege hammer to attract flying ax damage, our royal giant also opened a lot of guns The two sides of the tower of blood and almost the same, then we use a small pickup to block the damage of yellow hair, keep the butcher. But later by the other side of the ice people with the archers.

This time into the double holy water time, history repeats itself. We settled in the hands of the day there is no cost of the dog, the other side with the use of bridgehead balloon with Goblin throw spear hand again by our side of the danger of rocket defense. Our rocket only left his balloon, because we have only the butcher and ice elves on the empty unit, so it is still a little better with the rocket. But the other balloon death damage or fried to our defense tower.

This time has entered the seconds, and the other only a small flash beheaded. We desperately defensive, the other side under a variety of units crazy attack. At this time the rocket and then make great efforts, the other 536 of the blood by our rocket plus poison to take away. We win, and our key card is the rocket. Every time in the crisis is perfect to show his role, if we do not choose the rocket is estimated to lose.

Rockets are indeed the strongest spell, in this duel to the performance of the rocket performance most vividly. First 2 times the crisis to ease the balloon attack, and then finally with this high beheaded victory! The victory of the game is the KEY card victory!
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FIFA Mobile for Windows will cease to receive support

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The Windows Store has a large catalog of applications and games , at least many more than they existed when it appeared with Windows 8. Over the years, we have seen how developers have begun to bet on the Microsoft platform, and we can already find apps quite used by users , an example is Spotify or Netflix.

Regarding the games, several interesting proposals have arrived at the Store, if we have to mention some this would be Phantom Dust , which is a title of the first Xbox and now we can enjoy completely free in Windows 10. A pretty good strategy to fill the catalog.

Unfortunately, there are other proposals that have decided to leave the operating system. It was Yahoo a couple of months ago, and now who decides to leave, or at least stop supporting, is the people of EA Sports , with its FIFA Mobile title.

Windows mobile phones increasingly abandoned
From Wednesday, users who have installed on their Windows mobile the game of FIFA Mobile, have received a message, where they are warned that the support for the same will end on November 7 this year. Interestingly, the message has not appeared in Windows tablets, although it would be a matter of time for it.

End FIFA Mobile Support

This news has not been to the liking of the owners of one of these phones, as this only shows that the end of Windows Phone is close, with the abandonment of several companies and the end of support for version 8.1 of the operating system by of Microsoft.

However, if we consider that in the smartphone market, Windows only has a share of 0.1% of it, it is normal for companies like EA Sports to decide not to continue supporting their applications , as it implies extra work that only benefits less than 1% of the market.

Although FIFA Mobile is a free-to-play title, it contains micro-transactions that were not to the liking of many. Even so, it was good to know that quality titles like this were not only available on iOS and Android. (Click to buy fifa mobile points buy, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Clash Royale’s ‘Epic Quests Update’ brings a ton of new modes and gameplay tweaks

clash royale gems cheap
Alright, all of you Clash Royale fans out there, if you didn’t already know, Clash Royale’s Epic Quests Update recently went live on the Play Store as of October 9th. While this article is a titch late, I figured this news might still be of some use. If you happened to have left the game prior to this update or were still on the fence whether you should check out this popular battle arena multiplayer game, it would seem with the release of this new update, now is a great time to jump on in.

As you can see in the above trailer, the Epic Quests Update brings quite a big change to the game. As the name of the update would imply, Quests are now available. The way they work is each player gets a maximum of three quests at one time, where you have the option to replace a single quest once every 24 hours. So even if you have a quest you feel you can’t complete or it simply doesn’t sound like fun, you can replace it with something new the next day.

Another new feature is the new Touchdown game mode where the primary objective is to get any troop to the opposing side’s end zone. Something to keep in mind with this new mode is the fact that there are no Crown Towers, as the only way to earn Crowns is by getting your troops to the end zone of the opposing team. Of course, if you’d like more details you can check out the below video to get a better sense of what Touchdown offers.

But that’s not all folks. You can expect even more changes to the game with the release of the Epic Quests Update. For the full list, please read the quoted text below.


Take on daily and weekly Quests to earn epic rewards
Rewards include Super Magical and Legendary Chests!
Watch our EPIC QUESTS update trailer!

Touchdown is a sporty new game mode – without towers – watch the reveal livestream!
Earn gold and gems by taking down towers during Gold Rush and Gem Rush events
Now you can chat and have a rematch with your 2v2 teammate
Mirror Battles give you and your opponent the exact same deck
Challenges come in more shapes and sizes, and unlock at level 5

Share and copy decks from outside the game
We’ve revamped the Shop, check it out for Daily Deals
Collect a free Epic Card from the Shop every Sunday!
Gems are no longer refunded for Custom Tournaments if no players join or battle
News Royale, now in glorious full screen!

We’ve got a better system for releasing new cards, so each new card will be a real surprise! Find out more in the latest episode of Radio Royale.

Note: with the introduction of Quests, we will remove Achievements in the next update
We’ve re-balanced several cards – find out what’s changing.
So there you have it. There are a ton of new modes and gameplay tweaks brought forward with this Epic Quests Update, all with a dash of rebalancing to ensure stable gameplay. Though, as with any change to a popular competitive game, I am sure some people will not be pleased while others will be ecstatic about these new tweaks. But so it goes in the life any multiplayer-focused game (Click gameusd to buy wow gold ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

7.3 Europe and the United States before serving the top ten monks T Raiders experience all-round analysis of monks T

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Members are brothers and sisters good, the first post small excitement! I am from the US service Illidan server trade union hotel transylvania wine cents tank crmsky. Since the beginning of the Emerald Nightmare began to play Jiuxian T has been insisted to the present, usually the trade union activities are keen on the big secret, especially high-level rice. Do not know if it is not because of the big secret game reasons to see the recent temple a lot of friends post a question on a lot of questions about the wine cents, the beginning of the monks from the temple I decided to share with you some Jiuxian experience.

  First to prove that they are not rhetoric, this is my wowprogress on the rice records and information.

  Thanks to me with a small car driving partners, I was fortunate in every version can become the first server and the United States and the United States serving the top ten European monks. Nonsense is not much to say that the beginning of the text, because I am not from the core of what will never come out of the African white all the way, so the various stages of the wine X have a very deep understanding of my experience will be on each The stage brothers advise and opinions.

Preface: About rice wine cents T
  I believe that the brothers in the temple must love the monks of this career will be the same as I adhere to the present, certainly there are many friends suspected of this hidden career, I hope we do not give up, playing so many versions of the wine cents, Experience tells me that the immortal T in the rice, although not as perfect as the DKT fit the rice environment, but it is definitely very good and can out of the tank. Or how will you see the emergence of rice wine in the rice game, here also expressed on zqs / jasonmonk (US service into the finals monk T) respect. Each tank has its own advantages in the lack of what we have to do is to enlarge their own advantages and find a way to deal with inadequate.

Our merits

  If the tank pressure or strength is divided into 1-5, 1 level without pressure, 5 limit pressure, we are 3-4 when the performance is very good. And especially the high-level (7.3 of 18 or above) when most of the pressure level to my feeling in the 4, at this point, our performance is still good.

  2. high damage

  Before the orange shoulder version, I dare not say how much damage Jiuxian only dare to say that in the middle and even the middle and lower reaches barely acceptable level. But since the orange shoulder, especially with the fire clothing and reasonable jewelry, our output is absolutely T1 level. I am in the team every copy of the whole damage can be accounted for about 20% of the team, which is very high for the tank value.

  There is no affectionate affair.

  Some of the tanks associated with the affliction of a lot of tank friends told me that bad response, such as necrosis, impermanence, and even seriously injured, blood pool. These affixes on us we can be a reasonable response.

Our lack
  We are brittle

  Well, yes you did not get it wrong. In the 1-5 tank pressure rating I have just said, under the pressure of level 5, such as some copies of a large number of strange waves of time (for example, the game in the nest of a wave before the first wave), if not open Bold or wine or body is not bad or the time to the words, even rely on the gold oil of iron bone wine injury, then we are still relatively large pressure. This is not enough with the other tanks to reduce the number of skills. See a lot of people see the game after the wine that brittle friends, most of them are to see this situation. Especially in 7.25 after the change of iron wine, and T20 replaced T19 case, the face of high pressure is not as easy as before.

  2. Self-treatment is inadequate . This is more obvious not to say, 2T20 barely able to enhance that a little bit of self-healing ability.

  3. should deal with spikes hurt especially magic spikes hurt . This is described in detail later.

  Jiuxian different from any other tank, most of the other tanks can be classified into two categories: immediately have a big injury I want to open the injury (bear T class), and I lost my milk back on my own (DKT class) Two categories. Due to the characteristics of drunk chrysanthemum, the nature of the jellyfish into a three-dimensional form. We always have to consider three questions:

  I have a few bottles of wine in my hand.

  How high is my drunk.

  3. How long is my iron bones (which is something that has not been considered before, but it is especially important that the iron bone can not be changed infinitely).

  The process of understanding and experiencing these three problems is the process of growing up.

Monk T talent personal analysis:
  1,2 layer to see personal preferences, recommended infuriating burst and infuriating sudden. 7 layer of talent in the only controversial is the third layer of mysterious cattle, before the mysterious cattle and light brew or fog contrast and have made the so-called European and American wine cents genre, in my experience in the big secret this is not feasible of. And almost so the other I have been concerned about the wine X are all the mysterious cattle wine. If useful bright or fog to play high-level friends can talk about the experience can ask advice.

  Heart of the ring vs statue vs sweep legs

  In most cases, especially high-level is the need to sweep the legs provided by the hard AOE control, as a permanent talent.

   After the revision of the heart of the ring is a very good talent, if you are not equipped, or the lack of rhythm of Jiuxian and anti-strange pressure or need kite mobs to reduce the pressure of teammates, you can use the Ring, including myself I have been using this talent for some time to reduce the pressure of kite mobs. Such as the nest of the parallel ring of the kite effect is very obvious, a lot of strange can damage to his teammates almost reduced to 0. Dead gangrene weeks also have miraculous, 8 seconds standing in the ring can basically eliminate the number of layers of the body. Blood pool weeks I will often be used to blame the bleeding pool.

  On the statue, usually in the impermanence of the week you can not only use DPS will be able to pull the case of hatred will be used. According to my experience if there is orange shoulder + fire clothes, then, as long as DPS can not afford to die without statue is able to pull hatred. Any other affixes are not recommended with this talent.

  Gold medications vs magic drunk fist vs body is not bad

  This layer of every talent have to use the situation, under normal circumstances, I have more gold point of medicine, because Jiuxian self-treatment low, and do not need high magic drunk boxing and large reduction in the situation is more, Can provide a lot of self-treatment. In only a few need to deal with the situation of magic damage I will choose to use the soul to ring to deal with.

  Some copies such as corridors, boats, cards, these magic damage all over the case of the total I will choose the permanent magic drunk.

  If you need to often widen the wave speed or in the rage or even dead gangrene weeks, the body is not a good choice. Can be a good way to make up for our only brave wine a big drawback of the shortcomings.

  Jasper blizzard vs courier

  This layer of talent choice on the big elegant to see personal habits. But overall, the new version of the courier changes after the Jasper blast injury in the whole will be slightly higher than the courier, and can provide a certain amount of strange ability, it is recommended jasper blast. Of course, in the lower level if the hands of crazy drink trigger flash mobs quickly died, then the delivery will be higher damage. If lazy, then do not want to press a skill with courier is also no problem.

  Well to the most critical is the most problematic layer: the fans vs batter vs firm.

  Let me talk about the unyielding of this talent, there are several friends who drank Jiuxian have asked me why so crisp to ask my talent, when I asked them the last level of what talent when they are invariably told me Firmly, including myself when I first started playing jealousy to see the literal description also used a firm talent. In fact, the firmness will be harder than an illusion. This talent is a talent for continuous high pressure to improve fault tolerance and 4-5 treatment design. In the case of only one treatment and no limit pressure, it provides the rapid addition and additional slow injury is worth the candle. Because you can not keep the red boxing, and not keep the red boxing firm provided by the rapid addition is not fully utilized, and the rapid green in the big secret of the status of the four green is the lowest. So I do not recommend you brothers in the middle of the rice talent, although it looks 10% extra drunk boxing is very attractive, but the actual effect is not so prominent.

  The only thing I need to use this talent is to play high-level brutal ship this, because the old flogging is too painful, and no other big damage. This may be the only one I will use a firm talent situation.

  Then the firmness of this talent in the scope of consideration after we choose what, too long do not want to see a word Summary version:

  Fans provide more overall damage reduction and higher AOE output, combo provides greater flexibility and higher monomer output.

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  I will generally use combo talent, because it can provide a higher monomer output, after all, especially in the upper and lower brutal week BOSS monomer DPS is still more important, and can provide more flexibility such as lock blood, faster Of the wine, as well as the blood clotting dodge to deal with special skills (black crow three classic example). Combo talent need to practice not like a trace so no brain, because in different circumstances after the disillusionment of the skills are not the same, my own feeling about 60% of the time is to pick the tiger palm to improve the monomer output, 30% of the time will Drunk brewed to speed up the wine reply, 5% to lock the blood, the remaining 5% used to take the blood circulation should be proficient in response to specific circumstances.

  Once upon a time, it was once known as a cult, and it was used to know that the talent was strong in rice and could be used as a permanent talent without being familiar with the rhythm of batter. Red boxing under the blood circulation efficiency is very high, can reduce a lot of treatment pressure, and comes with 20% dodge with 10% of the fragrance of wine and base dodge 19%, plus proficient basic can be a knife, in the mobs can provide Very high injury. For the novice or the advanced stage of the wine cents I have suggested that the point of footsteps. But also in the mobs to strengthen the week I will point to step by step to use to send 20% of the injured buff to improve AOE damage (do not deliberately drink to get the buff, the buff is only free to send additional effects, the wine or To keep).

  I have seen a lot of brothers asked the rapid request for the step is not very high, and some friends even raised at least 30% of the rapid, it is completely unnecessary. The rapid use of this property on the line, I had the earliest with 13% of the rapid hit no trace of the problem, not familiar with the way between 15% -20% of their own feelings to find their own rhythm on the line.

Attribute related
  Too long do not want to see version: I think the best bucket theory: crit hit proficient 30 + – 3%, rapid 15% -20%, all about 20% . This is my current attribute: 27,16,31,21.


  From the earliest cherry white go all the way, tried a variety of attribute combinations, many of which I think are feasible, probably I divided into three kinds: high crit, high proficiency and the above mentioned bucket properties. These three categories of fitting now to my feelings is the most suitable for the barrel of rice, both offensive and defensive, especially good harm.

  Rapid is the first need to meet the standard attributes, the role in the group is very large, I will generally pile up with more than 25 to 30 or so. But in the environment of the great environment, because there will be no sustained high pressure, and there is a gap between each blame, so in the heap to suit their own haste rating for the survival of the marginal effect of the decline is obvious. And the rapid increase in the damage is the lowest, there is a surplus in the rice this squeeze DPS environment or try to adjust to other properties. I give you the advice is to find between 15-20 to find their own point, juvenile wine cents who can pile up some slowly adapt.

  Proficient is a very good attribute, not only to provide dodge and reduce the injury and will increase the DPS. Priority with the rapid similar to the provision of dodge and damage bonus in the environment of the big secret is bound to meet the standard. To do a 3 knife flash, then about 27 or so, 27 or more is very appropriate, and then the words of the next one is expected to dodge expectations, the second will reduce the skills hurt. My feeling is about 30 in the most appropriate, more than 35 marginal effect of the decline is more obvious. I have also used 40 proficient in the allocation, not infeasible, is the feeling of other properties of the sacrifice is not worth it

  Crit is able to directly improve the output of the property. This is the first green word to consider when the survival attribute begins to think about the output. Especially in the case of crit only 20 or less to enhance the DPS is obvious, and we have artifact passive in the dodge or eat beads after sending 4% crit, rice environment is almost permanent. But the same, crit is also a pile of high marginal effect of falling fast properties so it is best not to brain pile. My feeling is also in the upper and lower range of 30% are very comfortable crit value. Too high crit I also tried more than 35 of the equipment, feeling hurt plus not obvious, not as good as heap all or proficient.

  Almighty seems to be the biggest property of the controversy, I am nearly a thousand times the experience of all the mystery is the four green words in the most critical one, and the more senior to play this feeling more obvious. Almighty is the only linear property without a diminishing property, 1% corresponds to 1% damage and 0.5% reduction. In the crit quickly proficient in the standard after the rest of the pile can enhance the overall damage and the ability to reduce injury. My current properties are 20% of the Almighty with the other green I think playing very comfortable.

  We have different views on the property is entirely possible, after all, I think there is no optimal configuration only the most suitable for their own configuration, I just come to share with my experience.

Orange equipment, jewelry, equipment
About orange
  As an African, the core of what are the last out of the very understanding of the orange can not feel the feelings of the orange I will probably give a big secret in the rankings and usefulness.

  First of all, the most central orange in the big secret is the shoulder, and it provides the first two effects that can greatly compensate for the previous version of our injury deficiencies, and the second and the two recharge provided offers the extra haste Drunk cast will not be wasted. So if you have a shoulder, big secret, whether the output or defense are brought it!

  The rest of the orange installed in accordance with the output and defense to separate.

  As a tank priority to consider is the defense. First talk about drunk fist ring and blood stove two orange, the combination of these two orange is the group to survive the strongest orange, but in the big secret because the pressure will not always so big so the effect is very general, and sacrifice A lot of damage I have never used in the high-level secret of these two pieces of equipment, but the group is still very strong to survive.

  As a defense to have three orange is a big secret may need to use: T jewelry, soul ring, wrist. T jewelry is a very good orange equipment, I play a lot of high-level BOSS need to deal with spikes when the injury (such as the ship first one, the end of the nest, etc.), I will choose the combination of shoulder + T jewelry, and T jewelry can Provide good monomer output and very high main attributes. Soul ring is generally used in such as only one or two BOSS need magic drunk boxing situation will be put on the ring to get magic drunk fist, do not need to resident. Bracers in my opinion is an excellent orange in an advanced stage, it can effectively increase the speed of wine to get, you can not fully control the rhythm of the wine and the timing of drinking bad or often lack of wine This orange can be resident, can be disguised to add a lot of hardness.

  The rest of the orange is related to the defense is the head and Savi Di card, and no other can be used when the orange can only use Sawadika or head.

  Defense to Summary:

  Resident case wrist ~ = T jewelry> drunk fist ring> bloodstream belt> soul ring, Sawadika, head.

  Temporary situation: T jewelry ~ = soul ring> all other.

  If there is no demand for defense, we want to think about output, and here we share some feelings about orange with output. First of all, just say that any case of rice under the first core orange shoulder is a super large output orange, he can raise about 10% -20% of the whole output, no other equipment to upgrade so much. Left with the output of the 3 orange: fire clothing, anti-beheaded, eggs.

  These three for the dps to enhance the largest is the fire clothing, about 10% of the upgrade, and with the shoulder has an excellent feel and outbreak of the ability, and the new version of the fire spit stack is also a half defensive orange, so there are fire clothes Is recommended to bring on. I am in the big secret of 90% of the situation are the combination of shoulder + fire clothing. Anti-beheaded and eggs in the whole seems to account for almost, the mobs of the words of the eggs will be higher, and provide more of the main attributes.

  Output to the summary: shoulders >>> fire clothes> eggs ~ = anti-beheaded.

  The overall orange order: shoulders> fire clothing> T jewelry ~ ~ soul ring ~ = wrist ~ = egg> anti-beheaded, Savoy card, blood belt, drunk boxing, sitting Zen head.

About jewelry
  First or defense to, in two categories: resident defense and shield class.

  Permanent defense class basically only two jewelry can choose: card, dark creeping heart. Which card price is very high, not only with the armor can also provide the main property, be regarded as an offensive and defensive both to the jewelry, it provides the armor physical damage reduction in the mobs stage is very obvious. The creeping heart is about 7% of the weight loss can be used as an option, but because it does not provide the main attribute, and the big secret in the physical melee attack damage accounted for the largest head, so slightly worse than the card.

  Shield accessories are often used, because this is the only choice we should deal with spikes. Fortunately, there are a lot of choice, of which there are four are the best choice: T jewelry, dark night fortress Gul’dan’s hell fire contract, the tomb of the catcher, the magic corridor of the condensed dark night mine residue. Do not consider the T jewelry when the three jewelry in the same CD compared to other jewelry can provide the highest shield, which absorb the amount of hell fire contract> bone box> residue, but the residue CD fast so three jewelry are very easy to use. Under normal circumstances only need to bring a shield class jewelry, if all have to choose, then I will choose the bone box> contract> residue.

  On the output, there are so many kinds of jewelry, in fact, for the wine I feel the main property of the increase is the most. For the main property of white jewelry, the wolves of the hunger is the most easy to get and the most cost-effective jewelry, before the property also mentioned crit for the DPS upgrade. So the conditions must go to get one, I think it is DPS to jewelry in the BIS, in the rice is basically resident in this. Other output jewelry I think the most cost-effective is the edge of the sword, high damage CD short, the whole ratio can be about 6-7%, the conditions must be a hair. In addition to the edge of the other active or passive use of the output of the basic jewelry can only account for about 3%, of which the corridor of the fear of the devil and the night fortress of the magic of the fingers of these jewelry is slightly better, no other high Such as white words, then this is also a good choice. Mother of the poison bottle This jewelry in some cases have miracles such as Azshara last 4 strange, each blame can be used once, and occasionally there may be played.

  How to measure whether an output jewelry can be a war I probably give me a measure: no main property of the jewelry accounted for the best in more than 4%, the main property of the trigger or use the effect accounted for 2-3%, no Than these good with white ornaments on the line.

  My own output jewelry is generally wolves + on the edge of the blade on the CD when you put another agile white ornaments (my own is Almighty, proficient can also). On many other people to discuss the active use of jewelry such as wind marks grinding stone, Tony’s commitment to the Han because the damage is too low and no main attribute plus 30 seconds CD in advance equipment, is not recommended.

  How to measure their own output in what water items I also probably give me a feeling: look at the full number of Han is not a reference value because the different copy of the different affixes, so the measure must be relative to the standard. In the other three DPS normal and similar water conditions (no boss did not exceed 20 thighs and the like), the whole output can account for 15% of the team has been passed. If you can hit the whole 17%, it shows that your dps is already relatively high, if you can hit more than 19% of the whole or even 21% of this is definitely the T0 level thighs, because 20% of the whole has been able to To 80% of dps. The output of water with the equipment of the great contact with a shoulder dress with a reasonable jewelry can easily hit a very high output, so there is no such luxury equipment, small wine immortal do not worry is not their own dishes, after all, Equipment of the game.

About suits
  Now the version of the T20 is indeed a lot worse than the T19 effect, but although a lot of poor I do not recommend everyone sacrifice equipment with T19, because the equipment provided by the main attributes and green is very impressive, unless the European emperor What is the 930 T19 to me and I will be with. T20 effect of 2T20 back to the blood beads to be more obvious that they can feel, but in fact the effect of 4T20 is also very good although the surface can not feel. My own rice when the resident is 4T20 (930 + epic level head, cloak, hands, legs), but if you have more than 15-20 sets of spare parts when the replacement of the package is also no problem. After all, with the T20 as T19 will be subversive effects, T20 is just a icing on the cake of the effect, with a good, of course, no can play.

About the holy things
  On the wine can only use the holy things in fact only three: iron, fire and sprout tiger palm holy objects. I have seen a lot of so-called European and American schools and domestic schools I think this is a very general argument. My own combination of the three sacred objects has been tried, in the big secret I think the best sacred combination is 2 or 3 tiger palm with the 0-1 iron or fire spray.

  The new version of the fire on the modified so that it is less than half the effect of reducing injury and no clothes can also cover the whole effect of fire spit things is not as good as before. It brought the output to enhance the slightest, equivalent to only provide 1% of the injury.

  Irons in the role of the sacred objects in the rice because the group is also a fight is also greatly reduced. But 0.5 seconds extra iron bone wine or disguised to provide some injury. Compared to the fire holy things I feel a little better then a little bit of iron. But in the group this is still alive to the best of the holy things.

  I think it is the strongest rhythm of the environment and the environment of the strongest objects , with combo talent can play a very high output and also send a little less than 1 second wine effect.

  The new void furnaces allow each sacred thing to have an extra character, so it is also more flexible when choosing a holy thing, and the best is a combination of tigers + spikes and bones. Novice, then the master of the wine can be suggested that with a good iron goods, and then slowly to the tiger palm direction to turn.

  On the wine cents I will give you to share so much my experience, the first posting layout is not good please forgive me Oh And sorry these are mainly rice to the feelings of the equipment on the properties of Han, I am now the progress of 7 / 9M, there are problems in the following message I will see the reply. Recently changed the network also opened a live , because people in the United States so the broadcast time is generally the morning of the morning, the general will broadcast some high-level secret or the epic group of land reclamation logging. Interested friends welcome to pay attention to what a wave of problems can also be there to ask me. I wish you all the pleasure of playing on the way (Click to buy gameusd,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Premier League players 11 people, constitute your FIFA18 low-cost ultimate dream team

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Under the FIFA18 Ultimate Team Pattern (FUT), if you want to set up your own starting lineup, you can follow the advice of Phillip Ekuwem, author of “fourfourtwo”, at less than 50k ) The price of the game coins to build a Premier League player’s best lineup. To tell the truth, compared to the real world, too cheap.

(Figure) to buy the 11 players to the war, the total price was even lower than 50k … …
FIFA’s Ultimate Team has come back and is better than ever. But if you want to build a new team in the face of the network and single mode of a series of seasons, and the upcoming many weekend league, this task is not so simple.
Premier League players are usually more expensive than other European league players, but fortunately, England’s top league still reserves a lot of high-quality players, they will not eat all your virtual currency.
(Please note: when we are close to the first weekend league, the price of the players is likely to rise, so to quickly put these players to buy the hand.
Asmir-Begovic (goalkeeper)

Potential Cost: 2.8k
FIFA18 game in the game to be more difficult to defend, so a world-class fighting can be determined from the position of the goalkeeper the whole game, so you find out a victory and full of dab to celebrate the difference between the failure of action. So you need to have a competent goalkeeper in your lineup.
The overall rating of 82, Bergovic can make a similar to Deheya and Buffon’s fighting action. His response value of 82, you can expect the former Chelsea players will let your opponents continue to disappoint.
Davyd-Zapacosta (right back)

Potential Cost: 4.4k
Zapatera came to Chelsea after the hot state, in September against Karabakh when he scored a world wave, which immediately let Victor – Moses position was threatened.
He is not bad in FIFA18 game, thanks to his attack attributes. If you do not want your guard to miss any of the offensive opportunities, then he will be your team an additional offensive channel. The speed of the Italians 82 made him able to keep up with the pace of most players, and his ability to pass on and the strong striker was fatal.
Andrias-Christensen (central defender)

Potential Cost: 1.4k
In the past two seasons, he proved himself in the rental career of Monchengladbach, eventually recalled by Conti, and asked to play a more important role in the lineup of the Italians. With the depth of the race, his importance in the team may increase.
He does not need to wait in your team to get the chance, the Danes are good enough, he can enhance your defense, before the other attack began to remove the danger.
Elijah Quam – Mangara (central defender)

Potential Cost: 3.5k
We do not forget that, Mangala was once the most expensive defender of British football, but considering that he has long been in the Guardiola main lineup, the French may not be our first think of the guard.
Although the Manchester City team is the edge of the characters, but the value of Manala in FIFA18 can be described as the edge of the OP (overpowered, value means). He has 85 physical qualities and 79 defensive values, which will make him a brick wall on your defense line.
Schroeder (left back)

Potential Cost: 2.6k
Over the years, Arsenal’s recruits Kolasinaz has won a lot of praise for his strong physical fitness and quicker pace (in the FIFA18 data rating of 91 and 78 respectively).
The Bosnians will be able to carry anybody out of the ball area, and because of his good physical fitness, he has the ability to rush to the front of the field, to win a fatal opportunity. In addition, the speed and defensive ability of Corrashinz made him a versatile, he can be arranged in a variety of systems, whether in defense or attack.
Adam-Lalana (midfielder)

Potential Cost: 15k
The combination of vitality and hyacinth is a necessary condition for the success of any FUT team, and Laranna is a player of this category in the game. As a four-star technology player, his technique can help you get rid of the tricky dilemma and pass the ball to your striker. The Liverpool also has a five-star counter-foot, which makes him a series of areas on the pitch to play a strength.
Jordan-Henderson (midfielder)

Potential cost: 6K
In this year’s game, if Kant is not so expensive, he will appear in everyone’s midfield position. However, he has a good replacement, that is, Liverpool captain Henderson. Although the original Henderson was set as a defensive midfielder, but you can use a Premier League coach or with him to play 10 games to get loyalty. In this way, you use Henderson to play the midfield will not affect his personal chemistry.
In the game, Henderson’s advantage is to intercept the ball, and will be a way with Kant similar to the ball assigned to his teammates. At this point, you have to avoid speeding up and dribbling. Liverpool shot is also quite good, so you do not have to worry too much about the ball to the stands above.
Dusan-Tadic (front lumbar)

Potential Cost: 2k
The difference between Tadic and Lalana is that he is an efficient dribbling expert with a four-star technical level and a good passer.
Although he was a little single foot (right foot has two stars evaluation), but in the 10th position on the Serbian people is still a very talented player. Considering that he wrote this article in such a low price of the transfer market, he gave you much more return than you expected.
Suofen-abaler (left winger)

Potential Cost: 3.7k
In view of his five-star technical level, four-star backfill and fast pace, Bowfall is a must for any low budget Premier League FUT team player. In real life, he may not always become headlines. But if you already understand the correct way to manipulate the handle, the Moroccans will definitely be an important figure in your starting lineup. I think he is FIFA game in the Premier League Frank – Franck Ribery.
Wilfred-Zaha (right winger)

Potential Cost: 3.3k
In the Crystal Palace’s 2016-17 season, Zaha has a series of wonderful personal play, as the league play one of the most outstanding players, he got people’s approval.
Like Henderson, Zaha’s initial setting was a right midfield. You can get loyalty by using an Premier League coach or playing 10 games with him so that it does not affect his personal chemistry. For a winger, his physical properties are good, which makes it difficult for him to steal the ball.
Milch-bashuyy (striker)

Potential Cost: 2.3k
When not for the Tottenham scored the goal, Bashuayi may be a very deadly striker. He is far from the best player of FIFA18, but as long as he arranged in the arrow position, you can often use the Belgian striker harassment of those goalkeeper.
Taking into account our low-cost team already has a good player in the value, with Bashuya you are likely to gain a lot of header.
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NBA 2K18 test – The almost perfect sports game

NBA 2K18 test – The almost perfect sports game
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The new NBA 2K18 is in its test in almost all areas at its best. But the biggest deficiencies of the predecessor will not get rid of the basketball game this year.
The game models in NBA 2K18 all look fantastic. The virtual LeBron James, for example, has all the facial features and tattoos of the real model.

“This is the best basketball game ever,” so we called last year NBA 2K17 . In the successor NBA 2K18 we go one step further and award the title »the currently best sportsimulation «. Even FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer can not compete with the almost perfect video game implementation of a real sport.

Once again, 2K provides an even better game mechanics than the predecessor, a huge mass of playable teams and game modes as well as a first-class presentation of the basketball spectacle around the American NBA.

But the biggest weaknesses of 2K17 will not get rid of the latest series – but on the contrary, it will be even worse this year.

Anyone who fouls in the basketball will always collect penalties in the form of free-throws for the opponent. Just beginners must first learn how to play fair.Anyone who fouls in the basketball will always collect penalties in the form of free-throws for the opponent. Just beginners must first learn how to play fair.

The friendly basketball pro from the neighborhood

The career mode introduced in 2K16 has now become the heart of the sport simulation. We create a player, join the tutorial in a street tournament, and we are already scouting for a trial training at our favorite club.

Afterwards we can move freely with our Pro in a mini-hub, the so-called ” Neighborhood “, and do everything in between the training and the seasons, where we want to go: shop clothes, look at the hairdresser or the tattoo studio Play Round Streetball. NBA 2K18 provides us with some of the freedoms and possibilities that we have long wanted in the story mode of other sports games like FIFA 18 or F1 2017 .
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In career mode, we walk through the neighborhood and can buy clothes, go to the hairdresser, play a game with friends or go to the training of our NBA team.In career mode, we walk through the neighborhood and can buy clothes, go to the hairdresser, play a game with friends or go to the training of our NBA team.

However, the neighborhood is clearly too large for the few stores that are found in it. The path from the new hairstyle to the new shoe and back into the training lasts forever. And since we can not interact with the other online players who meet us on the street, the too big mini-hub is annoying quickly.

Some basketball purist should not be interested in how to nip NPC to NPC to upgrade the hero and re-equip it. 2K allows everyone who is not fond of walking around the neighborhood to jump directly to the next game while still enjoying the career.

Even better than its predecessor

Away from the career, NBA 2K18 with My Team still offers a card mode, and with My General Manager and My League, we have a lot of opportunities to play in online and offline games and tournaments.

NBA 2K18 – Video: The strengths and weaknesses of the almost perfect sports game
18:02 NBA 2K18 – Video: The strengths and weaknesses of the almost perfect sports game

Once again, all the current and several classic and historical teams from the NBA are available, so we can compete with today’s top stars such as Steph Curry and Dirk Nowitzki as well as with legendary players like Michael Jordan or Kareem Abdul Jabbar.
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FIFA announces sanctions due to incidents in qualifying for the FIFA World Cup ™

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Following the recent meeting of its Disciplinary Committee, FIFA confirmed on 2 October the decisions taken following the incidents that occurred during the final day of matches in the preliminary competition of the FIFA World Cup ™.

Details on the cases are available on in this document, which provides an overview of the disciplinary incidents that occurred during the 2018 FIFA World Cup ™ qualifiers.

In FIFA 18 For Switch, Human Flesh Is An Illusion

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It’s sports season, which means sports games, and also lovely sports game glitches.

FIFA 18 came out on Friday for every platform under the sun, including the Switch. While players were worried the game would be only a shadow of the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions, it’s not all that bad. I’ve been playing a few matches and everything’s gone well enough so far. It might be missing some modes and, more egregiously, be lacking online play with friends (you don’t get to choose your opponent), but at the end of the day it’s a competent recreation of the world’s favorite sport for a handheld device in a long time (possibly ever).

Graphically the game looks, well, fine. Personally though, I’ve never cared that much about how sports games look. Polygon faces are still polygon faces. Does the grass look crisp? Is it easy enough to tell the uniforms apart? Well then good enough.

As some players have found, the game apparently share’s this sentiment, at least when it succumbs to the occasional glitch. One player who goes by Boldverine encountered the above issues and recorded a video of it unfolding on their Switch. They added,“It’s real and it was a random bug. Other than this I’m loving the game and I’ve been playing FIFA/PES for 20 years now [sic]. No regrets.”

Another player encountered a bunch of Huddersfield players with blue and green checkboards for faces.

According to one of the comments on the video this particular Blue Man Group-inspired glitch is more common with certain teams, like Huddersfield, but as you can see above it doesn’t imbue the Yorkshire-side with any special powers as Leicester take an early lead (similar to the thrashing they received in real life at the hands of Tottenham this weekend). (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)